Hey guys! Currently I’m writing from 1st October 2019, a whole year ago! I thought it’d be really cool to do a little experiment. I thought I’d do a whole year of entering giveaways and competitions DAILY to see how much I’d win in a year (if anything!)

I’ve recently seen a lot of compers (someone who regularly enters competitions) on TV shows and YouTube saying about how much they win in a year and honestly, it’s incredible!

I did some digging and thought I’m going to try to become a dedicated comper for a whole year and see if it actually works and if luck is on my side.

From the digging I did, it says you have to enter roughly about 100 competitions DAILY. My mouth dropped when I first heard this because I was going to go for 5 or 10 a day and thought 100 competitions in a day would take hours upon hours but it really doesn’t.

I checked my phone activity before and after entering comps and I honestly can say there’s no difference and you’d be surprised how quick you can enter and find competitions.

I mostly only used free competitions and I used websites and only two social media platforms: twitter and Instagram.

First of all, I dabbled in this experiment from July but I didn’t start properly until October but I did win some sweets prizes that I must include.

Here’s what I won:


£50 Missguided voucher

This was a twitter win, just took one simple RT and then I got DM’ed a code to spend £50. I chose a Bardot body suit, a jumpsuit and a Barry M face mask.

£150 Virgin Experience Days Gift Card

I won a virgin experience days gift card worth £150! I was chuffed as nuts with this. It was just from a website called RCI and although I needed to do a bit of chasing via email I then got it in 2 days with express delivery.

I chose a box of hotel chocolat chocolates and a spa break for 2.

Here’s my hotel chocolat goodie:

July total:

Prizes: 2

Total worth: £200


Lonely Planet – Ultimate Travelist Book

I was so, so thrilled to win this book. I’ve wanted this book for a while and I’m such a fan of travelling and making lists. It came with a lovely map too. This whole blog is about my bucket list so this book is so fitting!

This was a simple tweet and they were giving away loads of prizes so a really easy to win competition!

This book is £19.99.

Wordery – £100 worth of books

This is definitely my favourite win so far. This was twitter win and all I had to do was share a book-ish moment so I posted a picture of me holding a book by the pool on my holiday. I then got to spend £100 on Wordery’s website (which is amazing, btw!)

The books came in incredible condition and the delivery was SO SO quick.

Here’s all the books I chose.

Hidden Fashion Item of Choice

I choose these trainers which were £7.50 and actually pretty good quality for the price!


Ego boots! These were a twitter win and are so wacky! I’m thinking of taking these to Coachella next year possibly! Worth £42.99.


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