Move out on my own ♡ | My Completed Bucket List

Hey guys! If you’ve been on my blog before you’d know that it’s just one giant bucket list (my official ultimate bucket list can be found here.)

Which by the way, I update all the time by adding things on and ticking things off so I recommend checking somewhat regularly for never ending inspiration for creating (or adding to) your own bucket list.

Every time I’ve completed something on my bucket list I’ll be writing a blogpost about it.

262 – Move out on my own

For the longest time I’ve wanted to move out and live on my own. Since 18 I lived with my sister and then eventually back with my entire family and so I made the decision to get my own flat.

I moved location (about 20 mins away from my previous location) and I truly love living on my own!

Here’s some pictures of my new place:

I’ve only been here a few weeks so it’s not EXACTLY how I want atm but it’s not too far off!

Another bucket list item ticked. What’s next?! I’ll be ticking off another bucket list item next week and I’m so excited to share my experience with you guys but until then thank you so much for reading and being part of my bucket list journey!

Please leave me a comment telling me if you live alone too or perhaps you’re moving out soon, I’d love to know!

Daisy | ABucketListBabe x

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