My Autumn 2019 Bucket List ♡

Hey guys! Today it’s the 8th October which means we are well into Autumn here in the UK. Exciting. I’m so ready for cosy nights in and watching the leaves turn brown.

As you can tell by my blog name or if you’ve been browsing on my blog before you’ll just know that I’m a HUGE sucker for bucket lists.

My ultimate bucket list which has over 200 ideas to create your own bucket list can be found here!

Every changing season I create a season-appropriate bucket list, some of the items on it are from my main bucket list or some are just season appropriate.

Even though this Autumn bucket list is personalised for me, I really hope this gives you some inspiration to create your very own summer bucket list.

let’s get into it!

1. Try a pumpkin spiced latte Starbucks drink

2. Try all the autumn and Christmas themed costa drinks

3. Get a tarot card reading done

4. Watch a new horror movie

5. Have a halloween movie marathon

6. Get a new coat and scarf

7. Go to a firework display

8. Start scrapbooking

9. Have a candy apple

10. Get Halloween themed sweet treats and chocolates

11. Visit a pumpkin patch

12. Carve a pumpkin

13. Read 4 new books

14. Get a new fluffy blanket

15. Get new autumn-themed pjs

16. Get new Christmas pjs

17. Have my first driving lesson

18. Get autumnal nails

19. Watch the new joker movie

20. Watch Jumanji 2

21. Get some autumnal scented candles

22. Get a new jumper

23. Fly business class

24. Go to the Maldives

25. Go to a concert

26. Get a cool advent calendar

27. Decorate my flat for Halloween/autumn

28. Decorate my flat for Christmas

29. Start at a gym

30. Go to winter wonderland

31. Go to Somerset house and ice skate

32. Go for dinner at a restaurant you’ve never been to before

33. Go for a walk in the woods

34. See Jack Whitehall live

35. Make a hot chocolate with all the toppings

36. Make soup

37. Take a family Halloween photo

38. Go through a scare maze

39. Do an escape room

40. Stay somewhere with a hot tub

41. Have a Christmas movie marathon

42. Watch a new Christmas movie

43. Get the Cadbury build your own Christmas cottage kit

44. Make a gingerbread house

45. Christmas light night drive

46. Go Christmas shopping

47. Make a Christmas wish-list

48. Have a spa day/spa break

49. Get some fluffy socks from primark

50. Harry Potter movie night

51. Get some new lipsticks in autumn shades

52. Volunteer

53. Donate presents/food

54. Go to the lost and found

55. Make a new autumn recipe

56. Go to a Christmas market

57. Have a city break

58. Go to the cauldron pub

59. Go to Airhop fitness classes

60. Start a new class

61. Go on a bike ride

62. Go to Bicester village

63. Lose 2 stone

64. Buy some Christmas lush products

65. Buy some Halloween lush products

66. Have a Black Friday spend up

That’s all for my list! To see how I’ve done, come back on the end of Autumn (22nd December) where I’ll be doing a completed summer bucket list and hopefully I’ve completed this amazing list! I’ll try my best!

Please leave a comment to tell me what on this list you’d like to do this Autumn or any of your Autumn plans as I’d love to know!

Thank you so much for reading 🙂

Daisy – A Bucket List Babe x

2 thoughts on “My Autumn 2019 Bucket List ♡

  1. I love these! I can’t wait to try the christmas themed coffees. I really want some of those lush bath bombs for halloween too. I have never had a tarot reading either: I think that’s something I should actually set out to get done soon 😊 a great list!

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