My completed summer 2019 bucket list ♡

Hey guys! At the start of summer I made a Summer Bucket List post, as promised here’s how I did:

1) Try a new summer recipe

When I wrote this bucket list I kind of envisioned this to be some sort of pasta salad or skewers or some sort of instagram-able food but that’s definitely not how it went. I managed to make these horrors:

Potato skins! Does it scream summer? No. Do they look totally rubbish and undercooked? Yes! Does it count? I think so. It was a new recipe I tried and I wouldn’t say it’s a sin to have potato skins in summer, so I’m gonna let this count.

2) Go to a theme park

At the start of summer I went to Thorpe park, we went on a very sunny Saturday so of course it was heaving. We only managed to go on three rides: stealth, swarm and saw. Even though it was so busy with such long queues I had a nice day!

3) Go on a city break

I went to Rome! I honestly love a good city break so I really, really enjoyed Rome. It was a lot more weird and wonderful than I had anticipated but I’m so glad I got to visit such a beautiful city which is so vastly flooded in history.

4) Go to a new festival ♡ (DID NOT DO)

I had planned to go to Leeds Festival and although I actually made it to the festival, due to unforeseen circumstances I had to leave and I didn’t see a single act so I don’t really count it unfortunately.

5) Go to a concert ♡ (DID NOT DO)

I didn’t really see any that interested me this summer.

6) Have a beach day

I had multiple beach days when I was in Tenerife. The black sand beaches are so pretty and full of little rock pools perfect for having a little dip and finding some sea creatures in.

7) Have a BBQ ♡ (DID NOT DO)

I can’t believe I went this whole summer without a BBQ! What?!

8) Go to an outdoor swimming pool

I was not expecting to go on a beach/pool type holiday when I made this bucket list so I meant going to a lido but I’m so happy I got to chill by this amazing infinity pool for the week in Tenerife.

9) Go for cocktails

I absolutely love going for cocktails! Pictured is when me and my sister went to Aluna and had the deadly elixirs that go on fire and are served in cool skull glasses!

10) Have an ice cream from the ice cream van

I personally don’t think you can beat a good ol whippy ice cream on a scorching hot day!

11) Make boozy ice lollies ♡ (DID NOT DO)

I bought the kit and everything but just completely forgot? I’m useless.

12) Read at least 4 new books ♡ (DID NOT DO)

I’ve actually only read one book this whole summer which is so unlike me! When I wrote this list I was completely oblivious to how busy I’d end up being which is why I didn’t find the time to read.

13) Get some new summer bedding

I bought this summery, pretty duvet cover from Argos.

14) Get some summer scented candles

I’m such a sucker for candles, so every changing season I like to purchase some new candles. I decided to pick these gorgeous candles from Yankee Candle, all from the Sunday Brunch Collection.

I purchased White Strawberry Bellini, Belgian Waffles and Grilled Peaches & Vanilla.

15) Get a new tattoo ♡ (DID NOT DO)

I ended up moving into a flat and so all my money sadly had to go on that instead.

16) Turn 22

Wooo! On September 11th I turned 22.

17) Get a cool birthday cake ♡ (DID NOT DO)

Usually we get birthday cakes from a baker and get them all decorated super OTT. Sadly I left it too late this year and so opted for cupcakes instead!

18) Go to the Sky Garden ♡ (DID NOT DO)

This is sad as I would love to visit the Sky Garden but I just completely forgot to make time for it.

19) Go Inter-railing across Europe ♡ (DID NOT DO)

My plan was to travel whilst I started this bucket list but then my plans changed and I focused on getting my own place instead. Inter-railing is still something I would love to do in the future though.

20) Get an Açai Bowl ♡ (DID NOT DO)

Gutted that I STILL haven’t tried an Açai bowl!!

21) Get summer nails

Annoyingly looked so much nicer in person but I was so happy with these out there/glittery nails! Let’s just ignore the dodgy fake tan. Thanks.

22) Get blonder hair

I’m sorry for the lack of picture but I did indeed get blonder hair! Roots may now be the size of Everest but I did, at some point this summer, have fresh blonde hair.

23) Go to a new arcade

I had such a good time at the arcade for a couple of hours, we won so many tickets! Obviously the prizes we got weren’t great, that’s the scamming of all arcades for you!

24) Watch Toy Story 4

If I’m really honest with you guys, this movie for me was such a let down! In my opinion, it was the worst toy story movie yet and that ending really didn’t sit well for me! Such a shame as I was so excited to see it.

25) Go on an inflatable run ♡ (DID NOT DO)

Unfortunately there was only one of these somewhat near me and the date I was unable to do so I had no choice but to leave this one out.

26) Go for dessert

Me and my sister went to Creams.

27) Get a freak-shake ♡ (DID NOT DO)

So annoyed about this! This is going straight on my autumn bucket list though.

28) Have a movie marathon♡ (DID NOT DO) alongside this! Straight on.

29) Go to Clifton observatory♡ (DID NOT DO) My favourite sight in Bristol is of course the suspension bridge. Clifton observatory is supposedly the best viewpoint to view it from so I will definitely be making sure to this next summer.

30) Do a 10k run ♡ (DID NOT DO)

31) Do a 5k run ♡ (DID NOT DO) I had one booked and actually raised £200+ for charity but unfortunately I couldn’t run it as my sister was in hospital giving birth!

32) Get some new pretty underwear ♡ (DID NOT DO)

33) Get some summer PJ’s ♡ (DID NOT DO)

34) Try pink gin and fanta exotic ♡ (DID NOT DO)

35) Go to Wahaca

I adore Mexican food so Wahaca had been on my list for a little while. I have to say though, I’m not a massive fan sadly! The service was great though.

36) Try Bloom and Wild ♡ (DID NOT DO)

This is a flower subscription service. I’m really annoyed I didn’t get to do this!

37) Get some new plants

I went to the local garden centre and picked up these babies. I honestly underestimated/forgot how calming going to the garden centre is. I’m going to make an effort to go at least monthly as picking up plants, looking at baked goods and unique little handmade gifts honestly is the best form of self-care and I so enjoyed it!

38) Have a pretty picnic ♡ (DID NOT DO)

39) Get a summer Starbucks drink ♡ (DID NOT DO)

40) Go to Rome

So happy to add Rome to my list of city breaks I’ve been on.

41) Make a wish at the Trevi fountain

One of my most favourite things I did whilst in Rome!

42) Get a dog subscription box for Indie

I got my doggo Indie a woofbox and she loved it! My review can be found here.

43) Try ordinary skincare

I tried my first ever The Ordinary. product! To see my review click here.

44) Go to an outdoor cinema ♡ (DID NOT DO)

45) Go on a bike ride ♡ (DID NOT DO)

46) Go on a road trip ♡ (DID NOT DO)

47) Go bowling ♡ (DID NOT DO)

48) Volunteer ♡ (DID NOT DO)

This breaks my heart and I just ignorantly forgot but I will make sure I do so in the near future.

49) Complete a puzzle ♡ (DID NOT DO)

50) Make homemade pizza

I did this a few time with healthier base options such as wraps. I forgot to take pictures though, whoops!

51) Learn to rollerblade ♡ (DID NOT DO)

52) Paint a canvas ♡ (DID NOT DO)

52) Make a pinterest inspired fruit

platter♡ (DID NOT DO)

53) Drink from a coconut

Worst photo of the year?! But I did it!

54) Make my own cocktails ♡ (DID NOT DO)

55) Buy a new summer dress ♡ (DID NOT DO)

56) Explore a new place in the UK ♡ (DID NOT DO)

57) Go to an escape room ♡ (DID NOT DO)

58) Learn to drive ♡ (DID NOT DO)

59) Scrap book ♡ (DID NOT DO)

60) Make smoothies ♡ (DID NOT DO)

61) Make cookie dough ♡ (DID NOT DO)

62) Have a spa day

Whilst on holiday in Tenerife, I had a spa day at the clarins spa. I treated myself to a Hot Stone massage. You can view my blogpost all about it here!

63) Go to airhop ♡ (DID NOT DO)

64) Make a summer playlist

I made a summer Spotify playlist which you can find here!


In conclusion, I SUCKED. I’m usually so so so good at completing bucket lists (hence my whole blog!) but I really had a different situation than I expected when I wrote this bucket list. I moved into a flat so all my money and time went into that which is such a shame!

I only completed 25 out of 64 which I’m sure made for a totally boring read but I’m all sorted now so I’m coming at you very soon with an autumn bucket list and I PROMISE you I’ll be ticking off as much as I can and producing some amazing bucket list content!

I hope you enjoyed reading and please let me know what you got up to this summer as I’d love to know!

A bucket list babe x

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