My week of bucket list ticks ♡ | My completed bucket list ♡

Hey guys! If you’ve been on my blog before you’d know that it’s just one giant bucket list (my official ultimate bucket list can be found here.)

Which by the way, I update all the time by adding things on and ticking things off so I recommend checking somewhat regularly for never ending inspiration for creating (or adding to) your own bucket list.

Every time I’ve completed something on my bucket list I’ll be writing a blogpost about it.

Go to the Alchemist

When I was in Leeds the other day I saw that they had an ‘The Alchemist.’ This cocktail bar has always appealed to me as I love quirky cocktails. Sadly with the two cocktails my friend and I bought, I definitely think this bar has the case of looks a lot better than they taste!

The menu is absolutely gigantic though so I’m guessing we were just unlucky. This bar was really pretty and atmospheric so I’m still happy I managed to tick it off my bucket list.

Go to Creams

When I was in Bristol I went to creams with my sister. We both had an Oreo milkshake and then shared a bueno waffle.

Although super sickly, this place was really nice. I wouldn’t go again just because of how sickly it smelt and I’m not the biggest waffle and chocolate fan but I’m still again glad I ticked this off!

Go to Junkyard Golf

Back to when I was in Leeds, my friend and I had two games at Junkyard Golf. As a bit of a crazy golf fan, I’ve wanted to come here for a while now. It’s super fun to play, really instagrammable and the cocktails are surprisingly so good! I had a ‘thank u next one’ and I would definitely recommend it!

Go to Wahaca

As a fan of Mexican food, I’ve seen Wahaca around everywhere and even had people recommend me to go there multiple times.

My sister and I went to the one in Bristol and had a few dishes including the nachos, plantain tacos, blt chicken, chicken tacos and sweet potato rolls etc.

It wasn’t the worst but for some reason we both just weren’t big fans! I’m glad I ticked it off but I probably wouldn’t go back.

Go to Milk Train

When I was in London to See Aladdin, we popped into an ice cream place called Milk Train. This place has insane flavours and combines candy floss and ice cream. The ice creams and the shop itself are both majorly photo worthy!

These taste incredible too. Only con is that it’s suuuuper messy! Worth it though. 😉

That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed this bucket list ticks combined post today instead of my usual individual post for each.

Another bucket list item ticked. What’s next?! I’ll be ticking off another bucket list item next week and I’m so excited to share my experience with you guys but until then thank you so much for reading and being part of my bucket list journey!

Please leave me a comment telling me if you’ve been to any of these place before or perhaps if you’d like to!

Daisy | ABucketListBabe x

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