Have a Hot Stone Massage | My Completed Bucket List ♡

Hey guys! If you’ve been on my blog before you’d know that it’s just one giant bucket list (my official ultimate bucket list can be found here.)

Which by the way, I update all the time by adding things on and ticking things off so I recommend checking somewhat regularly for never ending inspiration for creating (or adding to) your own bucket list.

Every time I’ve completed something on my bucket list I’ll be writing a blogpost about it.

213) Have a hot stone massage

I love a good massage. Truly nothing can beat a nice zen 1 hour or so in a dark treatment room with meditation music playing whilst being truly pampered.

I’ve always been so curious of Hot Stone Massage, and so I popped it on my bucket list.

My image of Hot Stone Massage was honestly so off. I stupidly thought they just plonked burning heavy stones on your back and scalded you. That spa scene from ‘Big Mommas House 2’ mostly to blame for that imagery. How wrong was I?

When I was in the beautiful Sensatori resort in Tenerife just a couple of days ago (blogpost coming soon about my trip) my sister kindly treated me to any treatment I wanted.

I was so tempted to get my usual facial but my goal truly is to get through as much of my bucket list as possible in my lifetime so I thought it would be a perfect time to get a Hot Stone Massage.

The spa was a Clarins spa so all treatments used products from Clarins. I’ve been to a few Clarins spas in the UK and couldn’t recommend the treatments enough.

The objective of this a Hot Stone Massage is to release tension, soothe aching muscles, eliminate toxins and to calm mind and body. This would make it the perfect treatment to have if you’ve been having a stressful time.

The therapist uses her hands in harmony with 9 smooth, individuals shaped, heat-releasing marble and slate stones.

They use the Relax Body Treatment Oil which is rich in relaxing aromatic essential oils.

Whilst chilling in the relaxation room I was so apprehensive as I really didn’t know what to expect but I was greeted by such a lovely lady who took me to a treatment room and made me feel comfortable.

She didn’t really outline what was going to happen or if she did I was too relaxed and zenned already to take it in but before I knew it I was essentially given a full body massage with some hot (bearably hot) oil with the use of her hands and some flat stones which felt so soft and honestly I couldn’t sometimes tell the difference between the stones and her hands.

The only time the stones were left placed on me was on top of a towel so you just felt the pressure and not the heat. The stones were only used to massage me.

The treatment lasted for about an hour and I truly wish I was an octopus so I could have had more limbs for an extra long treatment. It was the most amazing massage I’ve ever, ever had and I will definitely be booking another hot stone massage when I’m next at a spa and I truly recommend it for people who, like me, have been curious of it for quite some time.

I came away feeling so relaxed and calm and especially my lower back felt noticeably easier and more free of tension.

This has been one of my favourite ticks off my bucket list so far and it’s definitely made me want to try more slightly “out there” treatments and push my comfort zone away from just my ordinary facial.

Thank you so much for reading! Drop me a comment letting me know if you’ve ever had a Hot Stone massage or if you want one? What’s your favourite spa treatment? I’d love to know.

What’s next?! I’ll be ticking off another bucket list item next week and I’m so excited to share my experience with you guys but until then thank you so much for reading and being part of my bucket list journey!

– Daisy | A Bucket List Babe x

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