My Summer 2019 Bucket List ♡

Hey guys! Today it’s the 21st of June which makes it officially the start of the summer in the UK! Exciting. I’m so ready for sun and cocktails.

As you can tell by my blog name or if you’ve been browsing on my blog before you’ll just know that I’m a HUGE sucker for bucket lists.

My ultimate bucket list which has over 200 ideas to create your own bucket list can be found here!

Every changing season I create a season-appropriate bucket list, some of the items on it are from my main bucket list or some are just season appropriate.

Even though this summer bucket list is personalised for me, I really hope this gives you some inspiration to create your very own summer bucket list.

1) Try a new summer recipe ♡

2) Go to a theme park ♡

3) Go on a city break ♡

4) Go to a new festival ♡

5) Go to a concert ♡

6) Have a beach day ♡

7) Have a BBQ ♡

8) Go to an outdoor swimming pool ♡

9) Go for cocktails ♡

10) Get an ice cream from an ice cream van♡

11) Make boozy ice lollies ♡

12) Read at least 4 new books♡

13) Get some new summer bedding ♡

14) Get some summer scented candles ♡

15) Get a new tattoo ♡

16) Turn 22 ♡

17) Get a cool birthday cake♡

18) Go to the Sky Garden ♡

19) Go Inter-railing across Europe ♡

20) Get an Açai Bowl ♡

21) Get summer nails ♡

22) Get blonder hair ♡

23) Go to a new arcade ♡

24) Watch Toy Story 4 ♡

25) Go on an inflatable run ♡

26) Go for dessert ♡

27) Get a freak-shake ♡

28) Have a movie marathon♡

29) Go to Clifton observatory♡

30) Do a 10k run ♡

31) Do a 5k run ♡

32) Get some new pretty underwear ♡

33) Get some summer PJ’s ♡

34) Try pink gin and fanta exotic ♡

35) Go to Wahaca ♡

36) Try Bloom and Wild ♡

37) Get some new plants ♡

38) Have a pretty picnic ♡

39) Get a summer Starbucks drink ♡

40) Go to Rome ♡

41) Make a wish at the trevi fountain ♡

42) Get a dog subscription box for Indie♡

43) Try ordinary skincare ♡

44) Go to an outdoor cinema ♡

45) Go on a bike ride ♡

46) Go on a road trip ♡

47) Go bowling ♡

48) Volunteer ♡

49) Complete a puzzle ♡

50) Make homemade pizza ♡

51) Learn to rollerblade ♡

52) Paint a canvas ♡

52) Make a pinterest inspired fruit


53) Drink from a coconut ♡

54) Make my own cocktails ♡

55) Buy a new summer dress ♡

56) Explore a new place in the UK ♡

57) Go to an escape room ♡

58) Learn to drive ♡

59) Scrap book ♡

60) Make smoothies ♡

61) Make cookie dough ♡

62) Have a spa day ♡

63) Go to airhop ♡

64) Make a summer playlist ♡

That’s all for my list! To see how I’ve done, come back on the end of summer (23rd September) where I’ll be doing a completed summer bucket list and hopefully I’ve completed this amazing list! I’ll try my best!

Please leave a comment to tell me what on this list you’d like to do this summer or any of your summer plans as I’d love to know!

Thank you so much for reading 🙂

Daisy – A Bucket List Babe x

7 thoughts on “My Summer 2019 Bucket List ♡

  1. I love your summer bucket list!! I want to have a beach day, go on a road trip, visit an amusement park, have a spa day, go to an escape room… and probably a ton more. Great post, thanks for the ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

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