My First FabFitFun Box – Review | My Completed Bucket List ♡

Hey guys! If you’ve been on my blog before you’d know that it’s just one giant bucket list (my official ultimate bucket list can be found here.)

Which by the way, I update all the time by adding things on and ticking things off so I recommend checking somewhat regularly for never ending inspiration for creating (or adding to) your own bucket list.

Every time I’ve completed something on my bucket list I’ll be writing a blogpost about it.

No. 172 – Get a FabFitFun box ✔️

I’ve wanted a FabFitFun box for absolute years. I forever saw them being unboxed by American beauty gurus on YouTube and was so jealous that you couldn’t get them here in the UK.

That recently changed and you can now get them shipped here, hurrah! Straight away I knew it had to go on my bucket list because I’m such a huge subscription box sucker and after lusting after this box for years it was a no brainer.

I’m so glad I put this on my bucket list because this box is something else. It cost me all in all £47 including shipping from the US which for 10 products and such a far shipping, I personally think is really reasonable!

As a select member (not a yearly member) I got to choose a few of my products from a line up but a few days after the yearly members who had first pick. When I looked at my choices everything was still available which is great! I picked these items:

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream & Brazilian 4 Play Moisturising Shower Cream-Gel

I’ve seen this brand all over the internet so I knew straight away I wanted to choose these and test out the hype.

The Bum Bum Cream is a fast-absorbing body cream to help tighten and smooth the skin and smells absolutely delightful!

It’s 75ml which I think is a great size to try out the product to see if I like it and if it’s worth purchasing a bigger size. You can buy it from Cult Beauty for £18 here.

The Moisturising Shower Cream-Gel deeply cleanses without stripping skin of its natural oils and leaves skin feeling super soft. Again, this smells absolutely AMAZING.

It’s 385ml which is such a generous size and at £21 it’s not a shower gel I’d personally be able to afford regularly so it’s perfect that I received it in this box! You can buy it from Selfridges here.

111SKIN Rose Gold Brightening Face Treatment Mask (Set Of 5)

I’m personally such a face mask fan and no matter the line up, if face masks are included, that’s what I’m going for.

I’ve seen this brand a lot but I’ve never tried anything from it before so this box is a great way to introduce you to new brands.

These masks actually feature 24-karat gold (fancy!) and Rosa damascena extract to brighten, soothe, and hydrate your skin.

Of course these masks are single-use but you do get 5 which is great!

At a whopping £85, this product on its own is almost double the price I paid for this box with shipping which is incredible! Especially seeing how much I love face masks, this definitely makes it worth my money. This is my favourite product in the box and I can’t wait to try them.

You can purchase them from John Lewis here.

Burn 60 Resistance Bands

These resistance bands take your workouts to new heights. You get a light, a medium and a heavy band.

This is perfect for me as I don’t currently own resistance bands. I looked online and I’m pretty sure you can’t get these here in the UK which again makes buying this box a good idea. They’re retailed at $34 which is £27.

The next items I’ll be showing you are what I got at random, no deciding for select members.

Grace & Stella Rose Facial Spray

The Rose Facial Spray lets you spritz a Rose-infused mist to leave you with a fresh and moisturised face.

This product is delightful. I’m such a fan of facial sprays and this is a perfect addition to the summer box. It just makes sense!

This spray is $25.95 dollars which is £20. You can purchase it on the Grace & Stella site here but with international shipping costing an additional $14.95 I’m so glad I got this in my box.

Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask

The Purple Clay Mask is packed with Davidson plum, the purple mask works to rejuvenate dull skin and boost hydration. Plus it minimises pores which ya gal needs. Result!

Like I said I looooove masks so I was so happy to see this little fella. At 100g you have a real nice size to get the most of this product. It was retailed at $39 which is £31.

From my research you can purchase this in the uk but only a 60g which costs you £28.50 from Birchbox here.

Intelligent Nutrients Refining Micro Polish

This Refining Micro Polish is curated with plant jojoba beads, which are plant-based, biodegradable and great for the skin.

To apply just massage it gently into the skin and rinse to reveal refined pores and a fresh, smooth face.

I love a good facial exfoliator/polish so I was really happy to receive this. For 100ml this product is worth £49.43 and can be purchased in the UK on naturisimo here.

Whish Exfoliating Foot Mask

This Whish Exfoliating Foot Mask is perfect to get your feet sandal ready, brilliant for summer! It contains natural ingredients like willow bark extract and pumpkin seed to exfoliate and polish to gain the softest feet ever.

I don’t currently own a foot mask so my neglected feet deserve this! My mum is massively into foot masks so she’ll love borrowing this.

This is 74ml and I’m pretty sure you can’t purchase this product here in the UK. It’s worth $32 which is £25.

Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream

Combat frizz with this styling cream that smooths, conditions, and blocks humidity without wearing hair down! Doesn’t that sound like a treat?

Because my hair is extremely dry from colour treatment I get a real problem with frizz so this product is perfect.

You can purchase this for £33 on Look Fantastic.

Invisibobble Original Duo Pack

I love this brand so I was so happy that this was in the box, these are the answer to all your ponytail problems. This revolutionary hair tool provides a strong grip yet leaves your hair traceless.

You get 3 clear bobbles and 3 nude bobbles.

I know you can get these over here but for some reason I couldn’t find this particular pack.

They’re retailed at $16 which is £13.

TO CONCLUDE: from my calculation my box was worth £322.43! WOWZERS! Which is an amazing saving of £275.43. I’m speechless!

Obviously it’s not saving money if you don’t use the products you receive but I know for sure I’ll use each and every product I received which is so rare for me when it comes to subscription boxes.

I love that unlike multiple other boxes I’ve used before, the sizes of these products are full size and so generous! No teeny tiny half-arsed samples.

The customer service I received from FabFitFun was the best costumer service I’ve ever received, the shipping considering it’s from the US was so speedy, the packaging is just beautiful and the products are insane.

Honestly, this is the best box I’ve ever received for so many reasons, value for money being one of the main ones. This blows all the other boxes I’ve personally tried out of the park.

I could not recommend this box enough and I’m so glad to say I’ve ticked it off my bucket list. I’ll definitely be purchasing another one.

This box was paid with my own money and is in no way an AD. Every box comes with a referral code. So I f you’d like to purchase this box you can get $15 off your first box! Which therefore makes you able to get it for just $35.99!

My code is: refac-j9j41ppuyw

Another bucket list item ticked. What’s next?! I’ll be ticking off another bucket list item next week and I’m so excited to share my experience with you guys but until then thank you so much for reading and being part of my bucket list journey!

Please leave a comment telling me what you think of this box! Would you get this? What was your favourite item that I received? I’d love to know.

Thank you so so much for reading.

Daisy | A Bucketlist Babe x

11 thoughts on “My First FabFitFun Box – Review | My Completed Bucket List ♡

  1. Wow !!! Such an amazing deal with totally lush products. Loved reading all about them and you sold me on it, I hadn’t heard of these boxes before 😘 Thankyou xx

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