♡ My Ultimate Bucket List – 200+ ideas ♡

I’m Bucket List mad. Seriously, I’m a Bucket List addict. I solely just try to revolve my life around completing as much of my Bucket List as possible and doing that honestly makes me the happiest version of myself.

I’ve kept a bucket list for almost 4 years now and I’ve completed a few things (which won’t be on this list) but here is my list of things I’d love to do. Some are really typical bucket list items “Skydive” and then some are just local cafes I want to try.

I’ve started this blog to motivate me to complete this giant list before I die. Life really is too short and unexpected and I would really love to at least try to complete this list over time. I’ll be blogging about each item once completed so stay tuned!

I personally urge everyone to make a bucket list. It’s so fulfilling and it can be a mix of all things big and small. It’s really changed my life for the better and I know it will change yours too. To get you started (THIS IS NOT AN AD, as of current I don’t even have a single follower but I thought I’d just mention that lol) I really recommend the bucket list notepad from the happiness planner, it’s where I keep my bucket list jotted to and it’s my most prized possession.

I would just like to remind you that this is my own personal bucket list and not every item will be for everyone but I hope this gives you the inspiration to start your own!

List not in order of importance.

1) Ride in a hot air balloon

2) Go on a cruise

3) Spend a night in a treehouse

4) Go to the Sky Garden in London

5) Go whale watching

6) Go to the Thermae Spa in Bath

7) Have a freak-shake at Beehive Coffeehouse in Bristol

8) Go cocktail making

9) Go to Glastonbury festival

10) Visit Iceland

11) Go to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

12) Go to the Florist in Bristol ✔️ blogpost here

13) Go to a Creams (dessert place) ✔️ blogpost here

14) Ice skate at Somerset House

15) Go on a safari

16) Go to Milan

17) Ride a gondola in Venice

18) Go to Rome

19) Fly first class

20) Go to Disney at Christmas time

21) Go to New York

22) Go to a Pumpkin Patch

23) See Muse live view blogpost here.

24) Pass my practical driving test

25) Go to the sugar factory

26) See Jack Whitehall live

27) Read a book each month for a year

28) Go to Hawaii

29) Go to Coachella

30) Have an ‘in N out’

31) Go on a Disney cruise

32) Go to Bestival

33) Get to my goal weight

34) See the Neighbourhood live

35) See Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes live

36) See Don Broco live

37) See Russell Howard live

38) Do a 5k run

39) Do a 10k run

40) Buy my first car

41) Go to the Alchemist (cocktail bar) ✔️ blogpost here

42) Skydive

43) Have a tarot card reading

44) Own a pair of Louboutins

45) Buy a YSL bag

46) Go strawberry picking

47) Stand underneath a waterfall

48) Visit Santorini

49) Volunteer with elephants

50) Solo travel

51) Eat at the fat duck

52) Go to Air Hop (trampoline place)

53) Go to Oktoberfest

54) See Eminem live

55) Go on a Ski Trip

56) Go to Bali

57) See Matilda live (play) blogpost here!

58) See School of Rock live (play)

59) Go to Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco

60) Do a half marathon

61) Get lip fillers (personal choice)

62) Get my teeth done (personal choice)

63) Go to six flags

64) See Jamie T live

65) Go to the Swiss alps

66) Go to the Lake District

67) Go to Coppa Club in London (restaurant)

68) Go dog sledding (undecided whether ethical/fair so considering taking off as dogs are my world)

69) Eat at the duck and waffle in London

70) Go to a LUSH spa

71) Do a food intolerance test

72) Visit Lapland

73) Get Dermaplanned

74) Become an Auntie

75) Go to Sketch in London (restaurant)

76) Go to Blanche Bakery in Cardiff

77) Have professional hair extensions

78) Go to Auschwitz

79) Go to Copenhagen

80) Spend New Years in London

81) Visit Tokyo

82) Visit Tokyo Disneyland

83) Go to DisneySea

84) Go to Elan Cafe in London

85) Get a Jo Malone advent calendar

86) Go to Miami

87) Go to a karaoke in Japan

88) Go to an Arcade in Japan

89) Try Sushi

90) Go to Kelingking Beach in Bali

91) See a knicks game at madison square garden

92) Go to Manchester

93) Go to Junkyard Golf ✔️ blogpost here

94) Go shopping at Intu Trafford Centre

95) Go to Tattu (restaurant)

96) Go to Black Milk Cafe

97) Stay at the shard overnight

98) Go to Canada

99) Go to a turtle conservation

100) Go to Dublin

101) Go to Dublin Guinness storehouse

102) Go to Mykonos

103) Try Bloom and Wild (flower subscription box)

104) Go to a European Christmas market

105) Have a pedicure

106) Have a Forever bear

107) Go to Ghetto Golf in Birmingham

108) Make a risotto

109) Go to Cappadocia Turkey

110) Go out for a carvery

111) Go to Bruges at Christmas

112) See Tina Turner the musical

113) Get a Pinterest looking make up table

114) Go to a retreat

115) Go to Winter Wonderland in London

116) Go to Boardmasters

117) Go to the Maldives

118) Go to Bora Bora

119) Own a pair of Valentino’s

120) See Kanye live

121) Go to Kyoto

122) Go to San Francisco

123) See the Golden Gate Bridge

124) See a broadway show in NYC

125) Go to Chicago

126) Get married

127) Become a mother

128) Stay at Chewton Glen

129) Get a Cartier love bracelet

130) See Led Zeppelin live

131) Complete a 5 day water fast (personal choice)

132) Go to Sydney

133) Go to Bondi Beach

134) Go to New Zealand

135) Get Jawline fillers (personal decision)

136) Go to Wahaca (restaurant) ✔️ blogpost here

137) See the Taj Mahal

138) Walk on the Great Wall of China

139) Visit the colosseum

140) Visit the Trevi Fountain

141) Have pan n ice

142) Go to the milk train in London blogpost here

143) Have the bloom room flowers

144) Go to Gardens by the Bay

145) Go to God’s Own Junkyard in London

146) Go to a Disneyland Cali

147) Go to Kuala Lumpur

148) Go to the cauldron pub in London (Harry potter)

149) See the Petronus Towers

150) Go to Berlin

151) Go to the Aqua Dome Spa in Austria

152) Go on an Iceland bubble tour

153) Go to the Clifton observatory

154) Eat at the Knot Churros in London

155) Go to Bingo

156) Eat at the Ritz

157) Go to a pride event

158) Go to Bicester Village

159) Go to Aluna Bar blogpost here

160) Go to Ballie Ballerson in London (club/bar)

161) See Disney on Ice

162) Go to Saatchi Gallery in London

163) Get a personal guide at Disney

164) See Foals live

165) Try an Açai bowl

166) Watch all the avengers movies in order

167) Watch all the Star Wars movies in order

168) Go to an escape room

169) Go rock climbing

170) Try go karting

171) Go to a pub quiz

172) Get a Fab Fit Fun subscription box blogpost here.

173) Try Gin and Fanta exotic

174) Go Ape

175) Do a marathon

176) See Niagara Falls

177) Move to a city on my own

178) Go to Central Park

179) Go to the Empire State Building

180) Go paddle boarding

181) Go paint-balling

182) Make a Pinterest inspired EXTRAAA fruit platter

183) Go on a fast car driving experience day

184) Do a colour run

185) Do tough mudder

186) Go on an inflatable run

187) Go to Dominique Ansel Bakery in London

188) Go cage diving with sharks

189) Do a pretty muddy race for life

190) Go to download festival

191) Go to 2000trees festival

192) Get a Cohorted box

193) Go to a football game

194) Go to a rugby game

195) Watch all the X-men movies

196) See the Strokes live

197) See Billie Eilish live

198) Go to the botanist in Bath

199) Stay at the titanic hotel in Liverpool

200) Go to the Grand Canyon

201) Go on a quiz show ♡

202) Go to Belfast ♡

203) Get a dog subscription box for Indie blogpost here.

204) Experience London in the Sky ♡

205) Go to king street townhouse in Manchester ♡

206) Go to Mori digital art museum, Tokyo ♡

207) Have a giant rainbow candy floss in Tokyo ♡

208) Go to Prague ♡

209) Try ordinary skincare ✔️ check out my blogpost all about it here.

210) Go to Universal Studios Hollywood ♡

211) Go to Universal Studios Japan ♡

212) Go to a fight ♡

213) Have a hot stone massage ✔️ check out my blogpost all about it here.

214) Have acupuncture ♡

215) See Drake live ♡

216) Go to Latitude festival ♡

217) Go to Everglades National Park ♡

218) Go to Dubrovnik ♡

219) Buy a Louis Vuitton wallet ♡

220) Buy a Dyson tower fan ♡

221) Go to Fistral beach spa ♡

222) Go to the Lido @ Bristol ♡

223) Go to the Lost and found @ Bristol ♡

224) Be a birthing partner ♡

225) Go to Her Majesty’s Secret Service Cocktail Bar @ Bristol ♡

226) Go to STK ♡

227) Go on a mystery trip ♡

228) Go to the Kennedy space center ♡

229) Go to Blackpool leisure beach ♡

230) Get chin filler (personal choice) ♡

231) Own a Volkswagen Beetle ♡

232) Get a motorbike ♡

233) Go on a zip line ♡

234) Get a vitamin drip ♡

235) Go to a film premiere ♡

236) Go to a yoga class ♡

237) Have a Tim Horton’s ♡

238) See K flay live ♡

239) Stay at Sensatori Tenerife ♡

240) Stay at Sensatori Negril ♡

241) Stay at Sensatori riviera Cancun ♡

242) Stay at Sensatori ibiza ♡

243) Stay at Sensatori Punta Cana ♡

244) Stay at Sensatori Resort Barut Fethiye ♡

245) Stay at Sensatori Resort The Residence at Barut Fethiye ♡

246) Stay at Sensatori Barut Sorgun ♡

247) Stay at Sensatori Atlantica Dreams Resort and Spa Rhodes ♡

248) Stay at Sensatori Cyprus ♡

249) Stay at a hard rock hotel ♡

250) Own a kitchen aid ♡

251) See Aladdin the musical ✔️ See blogpost here.

252) Have a floating breakfast ♡

253) See Harry Potter and the cursed child p1 ♡

254) See Harry Potter and the cursed child p2 ♡

255) Become a blood tissue donor ♡

256) Give blood ♡

257) Try joe and the juice ♡

258) Get a Nintendo switch ✔️ check out my blogpost on it here

259) Have a vitamin drip ♡

260) Fly business class ♡

261) Go to Leeds Festival ♡

262) Move out on my own ♡

That’s my full list. I will keep editing this post to tick things off and add new items! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and please leave a comment to let me know if you’ve done anything on my list and to let me know what’s on yours!

Let me know your top three bucket list items ♡

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back with a new post whenever I next complete a bucket list item to tell you all about it.

A bucket list babe. X

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62 thoughts on “♡ My Ultimate Bucket List – 200+ ideas ♡

  1. This list is awesome! I was literally just checking flights to NYC as I would love to visit too. I’m sure you will achieve all you want with some determination and hard work. Good luck for the future 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Catherine! 💗 I hope you get to visit New York in the near future, it really does look incredible, there’s just so much to do there, enough for a whole bucket list in itself! Thank you again for such a kind message. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This list is lovely! We share quite a few. In response to some: my goal weight is still illusive too but I celebrate being closer to it now than I have been in the past. Standing under a waterfall is truly lovely! And so is running your first 5K. I did my first one last November in under 40mins, so now under 30mins is my next goal, that and eventually doing a 10K. It was so fun that I did another 3 months after and now I’m waiting on the registration to be open for one I want to do next month.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Rochelle! ☺️ I’m so glad you appreciate how far you’ve come with your weight goals, I’m sure you’re doing brilliantly! Wow, under 30 mins is so impressive! You’ve got this! It sounds like you can get real hooked, haha. I’ve actually booked a 10k stupidly before trying a 5k because it was the only date that worked for me, pray for me. Good luck with your run next month, your runs in the future and all the other things in your life you want to achieve. 💗 Thank you again for your lovely comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re most welcome! 🙂 I doubt I’ll get to under 30 in my next run considering I’ve done no sort of training or anything different in my fitness routine but it’s a goal for later this year or next. Will pray for you dear! Just pace yourself and alternate between a slow jog and walking. All the best with your goals too!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s a really good goal to have and whenever you reach it, you should be super proud of yourself ☺️ Such a good tip, thank you! I’ll try my best! I’ll just have to remember to only compete against myself instead of comparing myself to all the speedy ladies that I’m going to very much so envy, ha! x

        Liked by 1 person

  3. WOW I FREAKING LOVE THIS POST AND THIS LIST OMG OMG OMG!!!! also I’ve seen Jack Whitehall and he’s amazing super funny. My dad wasn’t a fan but he came with me and now he’s a converted Jack fan ❤ I look forward to seeing how many you tick off your fabulous inspiring list xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you SO much!! ❤️ Aw bless your Dad! So funny how we always drag them along to go to events with us. 😂 I’ve got tickets to go see him later this year so I’m soooo happy that you and your Dad both found him amazing! Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! ❤️ xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved reading this post! Some of the things on your list are things I’d love to do too!
    It’s a shame that I’ve already got a book for all my lists otherwise I would have bought your recommendation.

    Sounds a bit morbid but I don’t want to die without seeing and experiencing so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. WOW! You’ve created a pretty extensive list with some great choices!
    The Blue Lagoon is by far my favourite place ❤

    Thank you for sharing, I'm now feeling inspired to update mine xo

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that’s really tough because so many of them were such amazing experiences. The one I’ve done most recently though was go on a safari. I was in South Africa this past December 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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  7. Hey, this list is awesome! I’m sure it helps you be highly motivated.

    My top three buket list items are:
    1. Visit Japan.
    2. Write a novel and get it published
    3. Blog full-time.

    Thanks for sharing your bucket list with us!

    Peace, love & happiness,


    Liked by 1 person

  8. Babe, this is a full dose of a bucket list, I’m sure we do have a lot in common on that list. I wish you all the best, and peace in completing the full dose of your bucket list. Goodluck

    Liked by 1 person

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